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Yoga After Breast Cancer / The Do’s and Don’ts

Returning to a yoga practice or starting one after any type of breast cancer surgery or treatment can be quite beneficial if caution is used and modifications are made on certain poses. Learn the poses which will help with regaining mobility and the ones that are contraindicated in terms of potential risks such as Lymphedema.

Yoga For Athletic Training

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or elite athlete learn how to incorporate yoga into your training regimen for optimum benefits such as reduced risk of injuries, increased flexibility and overall improvement in performance. Great for cyclists, runners or anyone wanting to improve their flexibility.

What Yoga Teachers Need to Know on Yoga After Breast Cancer

Learn how to modify poses for a student returning to a mainstream class after any type of breast cancer surgery or treatment. Gain an understanding of limitations on range of motion, muscle imbalances, recommended poses and those that are contraindicated.

Preventative Yoga Therapy

This encompasses not only the physical practice of yoga but also delves deeper into the mind and spirit components of the practice itself. Chakra work and meditation will be integrated with the asanas / poses for staying healthy and achieving the balance within one’s self of mind, body and spirit.

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Fall/Winter Schedule

Saturday October 19th The PIX11 Health and Wellness Expo
Jacob Javits Center, NYC

Sunday October 20th The American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
Yoga warm up at bandstand
Central Park, NYC

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American Cancer Society's Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Central Park 2011

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